Damian is an acclaimed author whose books – on the psychology of high performance, teams, culture, leaders and change – have been translated into 10 languages.

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  • The Five STEPS to a Winning Mindset

    In The Five STEPS to a Winning Mindset, Professor Damian Hughes, the acclaimed author of Liquid Thinking and How to Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson, draws on both his life time experience and academic background within sport, organisation and change psychology to reveal the best ways to create a winning mindset in both personal and professional life.

    Having worked with some of the top teams in the UK, and watched some of the best coaches in the country at work, Hughes distills the five keys principles that separate the best coaches and teams from the rest: Simplicity; Tripwires; Emotions; Practical; Stories: STEPS.

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    I would recommend this book, mainly because of its clarity in approach. There are many insights which will offer you some simple, effective and sustainable ideas about how to improve performance in your own world.

    Sir Ian McGeechan
  • How to Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson

    In How To Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson, Professor Damian Hughes goes into the mind of one of the world’s most successful leaders to reveal 10 powerful and practical lessons for leadership and business.How To Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson is a unique and inspiring handbook for anyone looking to improve performance in turbulent, changing times.

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    "Damian has captured many of the important points about what a leader needs to do in his excellent book."

    Sir Alex Ferguson

  • How to Change Absolutely Anything

    Everybody wants to change something, whether it is work, life, yourself or someone else. Based on evidence-based psychological principles, this book demonstrates in 10 easy steps how you can bring about positive change in your life.

    Bursting with powerful tips, tricks, advice and guidance taken from interviews with some of the most positive and productive people in the world, from Mohammed Ali and Richard Branson to Alex Ferguson and Tiger Woods.

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    "I remember how it felt as a young child to be told that I was losing my hearing. I was scared, worried and concerned. I soon realised there was no point in mourning the loss of my hearing but instead I began to find excitement in discovering new ways to change. Damian Hughes tells you how to make the same journey."

    Dame Evelyn Glennie - Classical Musician

  • Liquid Thinking

    Damian Hughes looks at the methods used by great achievers and shows, in easy steps, how you can adopt them into your own life, dreams and ambitions. Most importantly, he shows how so-called ‘ordinary’ people have adopted the lessons to be able to achieve life-long ambitions, from running marathons to building their own houses, to overcoming serious illness.

    The book also contains direct contributions from Sir Richard Branson, Muhammad Ali and Angelo Dundee, World Cup winners Jonny Wilkinson and Nobby Stiles and Olympic legend Daley Thompson.

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    "As someone that has achieved many of my own personal goals and experienced the satisfaction from doing so, I would recommend that you adopt the lessons and techniques, which are captured in this excellent book, to greatly assist you in achieving your own ambitions. Go ahead. Take the plunge and become a fellow liquid thinker."

    Sir Richard Branson

  • Liquid Leadership

    Liquid Leadership provides the principles of successful well known modern day achievers and their approach to leadership, as well as great leadership examples from inspiring people you may well work along side everyday. The book also provides practical examples that you can apply in your own leadership role turning Liquid Leadership into a reality for anyone with the desire to achieve great things.

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    "Damian captures many of the important points about what a leader needs to do in his excellent book Liquid Leadership."

    Sir Alex Ferguson

  • The Marvin Hagler Story, Marvelous

    Brian and Damian Hughes trace the blazing trail of Hagler’s career: the controversial defeats subsequently avenged, a riot-scarred title win in London, and his unification of the middleweight crown. Marvelous tells the story of Hagler’s extraordinary life for the first time, separating truth from myth to get right to the heart of a complex and charismatic man.

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    No. 1 best selling sports biography


  • Peerless – The Sugar Ray Robinson Story

    In ‘Peerless’, this new biography of Sugar Ray, father and son writing team from Manchester, Brian Hughes MBE and Damian Hughes, examine his career, focusing not only on the great bouts but also on the character of the man, whose life out of the ring was a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

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    "Damian and Brian take you on a thrilling journey."

    Angelo Dundee, trainer of Muhammad Ali

  • Hitman – The Thomas Hearns Story

    This is an extraordinary story of how a poor boy from a single-parent family in the urban wastelands of Detroit became a boxing superstar . From his life changing meeting with trainer Emanuel Steward at the Kronk gym, through his blistering early career to his prodigious later feats, Hit Man is the definitive story of one of the biggest names in boxing.

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    "One of the best biographies of a professional fighter. A must read for all boxing fans"

    Boxing News